Home Dill
dillWith Alderman Farms' hot Florida summers with high sunshine levels, our fields grow the fragrant Dill with a substantial yield. With a distinctive aroma, all the parts of Dill can be used in various recipes and culinary processes. Its fernlike leaves are highly aromatic and used fresh for its and a soft sweet taste, it is found to add flavor to many cooking recipes. Used dried or in the pungent, slightly citrusy seed form as a spice, it can be added for preserving and pickling or as a salt substitute. Freshly cut, chopped leaves enhance the flavor of dips, herb butter, soups, salads and salad dressings, but a sprig of dill will perk up almost any main dish. Dill is especially found to complement fish dishes beautifully. It is used in dishes around the world but is very popular in Asian and Middle-Eastern recipes. An interesting fact to note is that Dill, similar to Garlic, has been studied for its ability to prevent bacterial growth. Perfect as a beginning plant to cultivate in your own gardens, our Dill can be purchased to transplant, as it is an easy herb to grow and adds a wonderful scent to your home. Alderman Farms is proud to offer our conventionally grown, superior quality fresh Dill that can add its delightful aroma to your home and kitchen.

Our Dill herb is available from early November - end of May and is packed in secure and reinforced stand-up boxes that provide safe-handling for the herb's delicate stems and leaves.