Home Mint

mintIn Floridian wet environment and moist soils, Alderman Farms cultivates flavorful Mint herbs in high yield. Mints are aromatic, and wide-spreading underground with tall overground growth. Often downy, the familiarly scented leaves are arranged in opposite pairs, ranging from dark green and gray-green to purple, blue, and sometimes other paler variations, with white to purple flowers.

Mint leaves have a pleasant fresh, aromatic, sweet flavor with a cool aftertaste. For this distinctive flavor, mint leaves, its essential oil and menthol is used as flavorings in teas, beverages, cocktails, desserts, such as jellies, syrups, candies, and ice creams, in addition to common dental and aromatherapy products. Used also in main dish recipes, some examples are the use of mint on lamb dishes in Middle Eastern cuisine, while in Britain and America, popular is the use of mint sauce and mint jelly. Mint has been grown historically for its multitude of medicinal uses as well.


These hardy plants can be grown easily as an addition to your indoor or outdoor garden so that always at your fingertips will you have the perfect aromatic herbal zest to your culinary creations or as additions to the dessert dishes and beverages at your next party. Let Alderman Farms' beautiful Mint plants delight your home and senses.

Our Mint herb is available from early November - end of May and is packed in secure and reinforced stand-up boxes that provide safe-handling for the herb's delicate stems and leaves.