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Organic Roma Tomatoes

romatomatoesAlthough we grow a full line of tomatoes, Alderman Farms offer a beautiful Roma Tomato product. Our good-quality Roma tomatoes are firm, smooth-skinned and ruby in color. And tomatoes that are partially green will ripen if left at room temperature. Roma tomatoes are never round and circular like other varieties. They are generally described as plum tomatoes, or plum shaped.

Our classic Roma Tomatoes are deep red, red, or slightly reddish-orange in color when ripe. Tomatoes in general were popularized in this country when the Creoles in New Orleans included them in their popular gumbos and jambalayas, but Roma tomatoes are unique because they are the epitome of a true paste tomato.


Their dense, meaty flesh, low moisture content and few seeds, make them feel heavy for their size but ideal for processing into sauces, paste, ketchup or canning. Our flavorful sweeter varieties are also suitable for eating fresh or adding to recipes. The thick wall of the Roma tomato make it the perfect tomato for all of your home-canned salsa but you can cook with them as with any tomato based recipe. The Alderman Farms' is happy to present this dense, meaty, ruby of a Roma tomato among our repertoire of produce.

Our Roma Tomatoes are available from early November - end of May.