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Organic Sweet Bicolor Corn

sweetcornFresh sweet corn has long been an American favorite. Alderman Farms' Sweet Bi-color Corn provided a great customer experience early this season. Corn is completely native to the Americas, grown only by Native Americans, thousands of years before European migrations. The Indians shared their various ways of preparing corn, such as pounding it into meal to make cornbread, corn soup, corn cakes, and corn pudding. And the reverence for corn that the settlers in the U.S. had back then still goes on today.

Small towns all around America's heartland celebrate the harvest with corn festivals. It's the largest crop in the U.S. and it regularly graces dinner tables, including Thanksgiving dinner ever since the year 1621. The Alderman Farms' Sweet bi-color corn has 80% yellow kernels speckled with 20% white kernels. Proud of our excellent quality, our corn has full and evenly-formed filled ears with straight rows of bright and shiny kernels. The husks are fresh-looking and bright green with silky ends. It offers the best of all worlds; it's as buttery as yellow-kernel varieties and as sweet as white and for that reason cobbs of corn are a favorite side dish to many tables, especially popular in Southern cuisine. Often steamed or boiled, corn kernels can also be removed to add flavor to baked or fried breads and other vegetable dishes such succotash, casserole or creamed recipes. Started in the spring planting, Alderman Farms' Sweet bi-color corn is a delicious season-long favorite, and summer specialty not to be missed.

Our Sweet Bi-color corn are available from early November - end of May and are packed as a 48 count in a single crate to ensure safe-handling for shipping to our markets so that they can retail in small packages or loose.